A Feeling from the Heart





It comforts our soul and envelops our being.

It fills our essence and sustains our life.

We envelop its warmth and endure its pain,

Embrace its tenderness and lament its lose.

What is this creature whose definition eludes us,

Yet we continue to quest for its truth?

We long for the mere thought of its gentle touch,

Even give ourselves willingly to its unyielding grip.

But does it come when we call,

When we yearn, when we fall?

No, for it openly mocks use with its nature,

Refusing to bend to our petty desires.

So, where does it come from and where will it go

When does it need us and how does it grow?

The questions are troubling and must be stowed;

For the answers we can never know.

When it comes you will surely know

For its smite caries a heavy blow.

Your heart will flutter and your soul will leap

As the splendid creature of Love speaks.



Todd Jones

Copyright 1998